TV Appearances:


"FOX News" with Courtney Friel                                                            



 "NBC New York" with Ben Aaron



 "Debuts TV" with Bob Gigliotti                                                                                                                

"Fernando's Hideaway" BNN TV         


"Mujeres en Todo" - Globovisión


Morning news segment - Globovisión


Reviews & Testimonials:

"It takes a combination of things to make an entertainer and this boy got it all".

          -   Angelo Picardi

              Singer & Impresario


"This modest young man is, in fact, a delightful combination of charm and talent. When you hear him sing you feel that you have been taken on a wonderful warm vacation, somewhere between Venezuela and Italy. I enjoy any opportunity to work with him and watch the faces of his audiences, perfect mirrors of his own ready smile".

          -   Ray Cavicchio   

              Renowned Accordionist & Musical Director


"What a voice, this kid is going places"

         -   Jo Sullivan Loesser 

                  Former Broadway actress and the widow of legendary composer Frank Loesser













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